Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Utmost Accomplishment !

Yo~! I'm responsible for enlivening this dying blog.=) lolx.. HERE are what i want to share with u all.

As u all know, i have already quit CHONG HWA..

Now, im studying AUP in INti subang jaya. Many of u dunno wad is AUP rite? It's American transfer Degree Program. Same as ADp in taylors. At the beginning, i found that it was a very risky choice. With my only 9As, i could oni get 6,000 in merit scholarship.. VERY LITTLE compared to 33,000(2years in INTI) and 200,000(2years in US).. I felt chancy.. Until one day~~

when i was DRVIVING home as usual after sending her home.. I received a phone call.. "Could i speak to Mr.chan yong sheng? I would like to tell u dat u r being shortlisted in Acheivement scholarship.. u are having an interview on next monday.. formal dress ya! and yur certificate, trophy"

OH?! I flattered and stared in bewilderment, huh? DID i register for the scholarship?

During the interview, It's was my 1st interview, And i have totally 4gotten wad the officer had told me to prepare(formal dress). Miraculously, just an hour before the interview, i borrowed a long-sleeve shirt and a long pant from my college fren who lives near our campus.

Wow, i looked quite smart! haha, It was my 1st time to wear like dat>.<

DURING the INterview....

"Hi Yong Sheng, you are from CH high school jln Ipoh rite? Who is the principal right now? Is he better than the previous 1? " " Normally,How many students in a class? has air-cond condition rite? wad is the tuition fee studying in CH?" "............." "..................." OMG, although the interview was about 20mins, half of the question were asked about my high skul."

However, I was quite sastisfied with my interview and had confidence with myself (TO those frens are close with me, u all sud know i owaz have confidence with myself! haha)


wow.. Deal a "terrible" BOLW~~~~~

HOWEVER, i have2 fulfill some requirements which are:

1. I must not fail any courses and at the same time, maintains at least GPA of3.0 (forJPA3.5 especially KAHWAI lolx)

2. I must take part in colege activities specified by COllege( ORGANISE at least 1 activitiy each SEMESTER, omg)

3. MUST undergo 20hrs of UNPAID attachment PER semester as student helper (currently working at Principal's office)

NEVERMIND, since i wouldn't be financial burden to my parents animore, I ACCEPTED IT!!

AND NOW, i will be attending the scholarship ceremony on 29th July. According to scholarship unit, THEY ARE GOING to INVite our high school PRINCIPAL, FANGCHENG to join this ceremony. OH dear~ Looking forward><


ysKIA said...

good starting. lets us learn english together ba.

Ho Kit said...

during the ASEAN scholarship de interview,
it is also the 1st time i wear dat formal de shirt...
purposely go n buy 1 day be4 wif parents de...
upload ur photos la...

yogurt said...

haha..not bad la..Everyone can get shuang..pity me lo!Anyway U can do it!

yee said...

haha..good leh..get scholar..
+u +u for ur final lorh~
y inti so like ch meh?interview oso ask abt so many thgs abt ch de..zz

ethan karkar^@^ said...

@hokit ya, same with u.. v are frm pampung kampung villgae one..haha

@ygurt u so rich.. pity of wad wo.. sure i can do it!! haha

@yee thx thx u also +u in yur UEC ya

yo! said...


wassup? haha.