Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Utmost Accomplishment !

Yo~! I'm responsible for enlivening this dying blog.=) lolx.. HERE are what i want to share with u all.

As u all know, i have already quit CHONG HWA..

Now, im studying AUP in INti subang jaya. Many of u dunno wad is AUP rite? It's American transfer Degree Program. Same as ADp in taylors. At the beginning, i found that it was a very risky choice. With my only 9As, i could oni get 6,000 in merit scholarship.. VERY LITTLE compared to 33,000(2years in INTI) and 200,000(2years in US).. I felt chancy.. Until one day~~

when i was DRVIVING home as usual after sending her home.. I received a phone call.. "Could i speak to Mr.chan yong sheng? I would like to tell u dat u r being shortlisted in Acheivement scholarship.. u are having an interview on next monday.. formal dress ya! and yur certificate, trophy"

OH?! I flattered and stared in bewilderment, huh? DID i register for the scholarship?

During the interview, It's was my 1st interview, And i have totally 4gotten wad the officer had told me to prepare(formal dress). Miraculously, just an hour before the interview, i borrowed a long-sleeve shirt and a long pant from my college fren who lives near our campus.

Wow, i looked quite smart! haha, It was my 1st time to wear like dat>.<

DURING the INterview....

"Hi Yong Sheng, you are from CH high school jln Ipoh rite? Who is the principal right now? Is he better than the previous 1? " " Normally,How many students in a class? has air-cond condition rite? wad is the tuition fee studying in CH?" "............." "..................." OMG, although the interview was about 20mins, half of the question were asked about my high skul."

However, I was quite sastisfied with my interview and had confidence with myself (TO those frens are close with me, u all sud know i owaz have confidence with myself! haha)


wow.. Deal a "terrible" BOLW~~~~~

HOWEVER, i have2 fulfill some requirements which are:

1. I must not fail any courses and at the same time, maintains at least GPA of3.0 (forJPA3.5 especially KAHWAI lolx)

2. I must take part in colege activities specified by COllege( ORGANISE at least 1 activitiy each SEMESTER, omg)

3. MUST undergo 20hrs of UNPAID attachment PER semester as student helper (currently working at Principal's office)

NEVERMIND, since i wouldn't be financial burden to my parents animore, I ACCEPTED IT!!

AND NOW, i will be attending the scholarship ceremony on 29th July. According to scholarship unit, THEY ARE GOING to INVite our high school PRINCIPAL, FANGCHENG to join this ceremony. OH dear~ Looking forward><

Sunday, March 8, 2009



不知道是不是长大了,慢慢烦恼越来越多。。 回忆就是我最大的烦恼。。 因为甜美的回忆,我会不舍的放开。。所以我是一个活在 从前 的人。。总会在深夜的时候,一直一直一直,不段地回忆回想所有发生在我身上的事。。尝试把所有的经过记得一清一楚。。

。。 有时很怕自己失去记忆什么都忘了。。那时的我,脑里的朋友还会记得我吗?怕遗忘了,也怕被遗忘了。。。 

I love 3 Zhong
I love 5sXiao

回忆都乱完了。。很想大家。。 朋友们一起为自己的将来加油吧。。

Monday, May 26, 2008

>< Merit ><

Hehe...I finally got my violin ABRSM examination result..phew..what a relief..i thought i would fail..but..'s my phone..sms from my teacher...telling me that i got merit.. 125 marks !! erm.. a bit proud and a bit sad of my result.. sad because that wasn't my best shot..i believe that i could do very much better if i hadn't been so nervous..but it has already i would just need to do better the next time..

Let me tell you what was like at that very day....well..i used my teacher's violin which sounds much better than my old violin (thank you teacher => ) the very 1st mistake is...(1) when i was playing my second exam piece..i .. i .. "frooze" i guess..oh my god...that is a terrible mistake i must say... then(2) things begun to get worst for the following exam pieces....yaya...scales...i just hate scales!!!which i didn't do very much good either..what about aural then ??worst !!! Me? singing? that is ...OH NO !!! So don't ask me to sing ~~~

So...i got 28, 26, 23 for my three exam pieces..16 for scales, 18 for sight reading, and 14 for aural test..which sums up to 125 !!!

Just wish me luck for the ext exam which i don't kow will be when...


so cham o.. thank AH JIE !! so fast tagged me o..

Do not copy each other's answers.
The tag questions must be 100% the same.
List Out 20 names n Tag people after doing it.

1.) piggy may
2.) Chun yee "jie fu"
3.) SHing "jie"
4.) Kai xian
5.) Yan Sheng
6.) Kah seng "meow meow"
7.) Ho kit
8.) Jecy
9.) Jacky
10.) Kok Pin
11.) Lit Yang
12.) Jia Wen
13.) Joel
14.) Chun Wai
15.) Kah Yee
16.) Tsu YIng
17.) SPY (dunno how to spell><)
18.) Chung hong
19.) Qui Son
20.) Wei Xin

How do you know 14?
[Chun wai] since form1, noe him for 5 years d lu.. A good guy n friendly.. N dunno when he becomes sooooo DAIB.. can i use "cute" to describe him ? hehe

What would you do if you had never met 1?
[Piggy may] wa.. then i sure lost myself.. N "Ethan" not here d lo xD.. btw, i sure rugi if i had nvr meet her

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you?
[Jacky] erm, he not free la.. got his own gurl gurl d la.. haha
[Wei xin] he ? omg.. he got no where to go except cc.. dated me at cc ? haha

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
[Kah seng] [SPY]
Erm, in da future a ? hu noes leh? meow meow n py.. haha.. how u all think bout them ? nvr tot be4 >< wakaka

Do you think 8 is attractive?
[Jecy] wa, if say no.. sure killed by ho kit la.. yaya she is attractive.. haha xD..

Do you know anything about 12's family?
[jia wen] dunno wo.. paiseh paiseh =.=

Tell me something about 7.
[ho kit] erm.. v gud in maths lo.. not bad la.. a nice guy.. others dunno d lu.. sud ask no.8 [jecy] jor.. jecy, can tell me sumthin bout him???

What is 18's favourite?
[chung hong] haha.. daiB hong, he likes..... ..... football lo.. arsenal fans same as jecy.. n play handphone's games during the lessons.. haha..

What language does 15 speak?
[Kah yee] she only speaks mandarin to me de o..

Who is going out with 19?
[qui son] haha, yanli lo.. xD

Who is 2's favourite singer?
[chun yee] 张栋梁?北极“幸”的眼泪^^ dunno leh~

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?
[lit yang] wad relationship o ? he's my good fren o..

What is 10's last name?
[kok pin] last name a.. erm, liew ? liaw ? or lau ? cham cham dunno leh.. noe him for 5 years also dunno.. paiseh paiseh.. .lol

Is 15 single?
[kah yee] yea, she is.. anyone want to get closer with her just go ba.. haha

Would you date 17?
[spy] a nice talking n daiB gurl.. hehe.. date her at AEB tuition ba.. ><

Would you date 4?
[chun wai] sure.. feel comfortable with him.. funny guy ^^

How old is 16 now?
[tsu ying] 16 years old + 6 months ??

When was the last time you talked to 13?
[joel] last time ? forgotten leh.. seldom talk with him jor... zz

Which school does 3 go to?
[shing] CHONG HWA INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL.. same with me lo.. SHE surely wont regret entering this skul hor ? hope u can get in top20 this year la.. A MEAL .. wakaka.. btw, jie belanja didi eat v normal de leh !! not meh ?

Where does 6 live?
[kah seng] Kepong ? Selayang ? forgotten.. he told me 3 days be4 one de lo.. lolxx.. Or meow meow lives in his owner (kar kar) home ? haha

What is your favourite thing about 5?
[yansheng] he ar ? erm.. funny guy lo.. a nice person la.. sumtimes v "re" but v kind too la... fren with him also v gud de la..

Argh.. dun12 tag ppl la.. berdosa later.. wakaka.. used almost an hour to fin this tag.. i wan2 read physics de la ah jie!!! wakaka.. next time sure tag u.. must as guai as me de o, tag cy too.. pei u to do.. !!!

New blog.. ^@^

New blog.. Finally created a blog><..

haha.. it's not easy to me.. as u all noe, i'm too lazy..

Actually this is not only mine, c da address then u all noe this blog belongs to hu n hu~~~~~~~

Erm, i would like to introduce hu is " Ethan " wakaka =)

my piggy named for me.. Ethan.. lolx.. Noe y ? she explained.. " Ethan " got a bit meaning of

LOYAL .. lolx.. HOw u all think bout this english name ? I have been thinking for a long time

ago.. dunno what english name sud i put n dunno which one is most suitable for me... Till now... finally... ~~~~

not piggy la ==
haha.. 1st time to rite blog.. hope u all can enjoy yurselves in OUR blog la =)